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Marketing Course

(In-Depth) Marketing Course

A Mega Marketing Course with 180+ Videos which helps you learn Marketing Management from scratch

$18 for all Courses
Management Course

(In-Depth) Management Course

With 150+ Videos, Our Mega Management Course is designed to help you learn management skills

$18 for all Courses
Branding Course

Branding Course

Learn how to build a brand from the ground up and optimize its market presence

$18 for all Courses
Strategy Course

Strategy Course

In-Depth Marketing Strategy course with focus on Various Models of Strategy and Decision making based on Strategy.

$18 for all Courses

Advertising Course

Learn Advertising from scratch including different forms of advertising & elements of ads

$18 for all Courses
Sales Course

Sales Course

Learn Sales and selling from scratch including the process, skills, organizational and personal selling

$18 for all Courses
Leadership Course

Leadership Courses

Learn Leadership from scratch including all the different leadership styles, Leadership skills you should adapt and examples of Great leaders.

$18 for all Courses
Communication Course

Communication Course

Communication is essential to any Organization. This course teaches you all the basics of communication, its types & models

$18 for all Courses
Economics Course

Economics Course

Learn Economics with 47 in depth videos explaining all major concepts of Economics with Examples.

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WordPress Masterclass

Building a Website with WordPress

Learn to build a beautiful WordPress site step-by-step in this complete and In-Depth WordPress Masterclass.


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    • WordPress Masterclass
    • Building an Ecommerce Site with Woocommerce / Shopify (December 2021)
    • Search Engine Optimization (January 2021)
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