New Marketing Realities – Relationship Marketing, Integrated Marketing & Performance Marketing

Lesson Notes

New Marketing Realities – Part 3

Development, implementation and design of marketing programs, activities and processes that understand their interdependency and breadth are the basis of the holistic marketing concept.

The complexities and scope of marketing activities are hence recognised and reconciled by holistic marketing.

Holistic Marketing Dimensions

Relationship Marketing

Developing deep, enduring relationships with people or organisations that might affect the success of the marketing activities of a company directly or indirectly is the main goal of Relationship Marketing.

It aims to build relationships with key constituents that are long-lasting and mutually satisfactory. This is important in order to gain and hold on to their business.

Relationship marketing consists of four main constituents

All these constituents must prosper together, and then the returns to all stakeholders must be balanced. Marketers must be responsible for ensuring the same.

The operating principle is based on the belief that profits will follow if you build a successful network of relationships with the main stakeholders.

Example 1 – Netflix [Customer Focus]

Netflix personalises the website in order to make it easier for viewers to choose from their options. Customising thumbnails is one way to do this.

It employs an algorithm to source high-quality images from its videos instead of using the film or show’s original art.

Then more testing is done to figure out what individual viewers are more likely to click on.

Example 2 – Amazon Prime [Seller Support]

91000 small and medium scale sellers were provided with a dual day publicity platform solely by Amazon through its Prime Day sale in India on the 6th and 7th of August, 2020.

About 209 SMB sellers became millionaires through the 48-hour sale, according to agency reports.

According to Amazon, out of the 31,000 SMB sellers who reached their highest sales yet, around 4,000 SMB sellers individually registered sales up to or above Rs.10 lakhs during the 48-hour sale.

The company claims that out of the 91,000 SMB sellers who participated in the Prime Day sale, 62,000 sellers were from tier 2 and tier 3 non-metro cities across India.

Integrated Marketing

When a marketer comes up with activities to communicate, create and deliver value for customers in a way where “the whole is greater than the sum of parts”, that’s when integrated marketing takes place.

Following are the two key themes

Values can be created, communicated and delivered through different marketing activities; and

Each marketing activity should be designed and implemented by marketers with other activities in mind.

In order to complement and reinforce each other, all communications in a company should be integrated.

Examples:  Nike Direct to Consumer Focus

The task of hiring, motivating and training capable employees who are determined to serve customers well, falls under internal marketing. It is a part of holistic marketing.

The fact that marketing activities inside the company can be more or equally important as compared to that directed outside the company is recognised by smart marketers.

Only synchronised work between all departments in order to achieve goals can make marketing successful.

Example – Ritz Carlton treating Employees well

Great customer service companies need to be great employee service companies as well.

At Ritz Carlton – employees are called Ladies and Gentlemen


  • As all Ritz-Carlton staffers act as brand ambassadors, the company takes the selection process very seriously. Candidates must be sociable, caring, interested in learning, and have the spirit to serve.
  • “We don’t hire for technical talent but natural talent,” says David Cayuela, General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun, Mexico.
  • As stated in its Credo, The Ritz-Carlton aims to take service to the next level by addressing unexpressed wishes.
  • The company, therefore, seeks prospective employees who take the initiative to pre-emptively detect their customers’ needs.


  • The Ritz-Carlton invests a lot in staff coaching.
  • The company requires every employee to complete at least 250 hours of training each year.


  • One Ritz-Carlton’s service values states,
  • “I am empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our guests.”
  • The company understands that the best way to deliver on these values is to trust its employees with decision-making authority.
  • Therefore, every employee, from housekeeping to management, can spend up to $2,000 per guest, per day, to resolve a problem without asking permission from a supervisor.
  • When facing an issue, staff members are entrusted with the opportunity to do what seems best at the moment.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing requires understanding the financial and non-financial returns to business and society from marketing activities and programs.

Top marketers are increasingly going beyond sales revenue to interpret what is happening to market share, customer loss rate, customer satisfaction, product quality, and other measures.

They are also considering the legal, ethical, social, and environmental effects of marketing activities and programs.

Example – Nike

With Nike becoming increasingly conscious of its environmental impact in the recent years, In 2019, the company revealed its Move to Zero campaign. It’s a complete sustainability plan for the brand with the key Initiatives being:

Nike aims to power all its facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2025. Getting in line with the Paris Agreement of 2015, by 2030, Nike will reduce carbon emissions by 30% across its global supply chain.

99% of all footwear manufacturing waste is diverted from the landfills. To create yarns for New Jersey’s and uppers for Flyknit shoes, 1 billion plastic bottles per year are diverted from the landfills.

They convert waste into new products, running tracks, playgrounds and courts through their Reuse-A-Shoe and Nike Grind programs.