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(In-Depth) Management Course

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Our Management Course is designed to help you learn all the industry-relevant management skills via detailed training to drive organizational growth. From learning principles of management, and organizational structure to delving into management by objectives, decision making, delegation, HRM, emotional intelligence, organizational behaviors, the hierarchy of needs, and departmentalization, the management course covers all aspects of contemporary management requirements. This in-depth Management Course will help you become a better manager with the ability to work on an international scale in different markets all around the world.

  • Delve into different principles of management by understanding 6 M’s of management. Learn what management by objective and understand how to do managerial planning
  • Understand the organizational structure (Formal and Informal) along with Line & Staff Organization. Master the concepts associated with matrix organization and virtual organization
  • Know all the key concepts associated with Decision Making, Span of Control, Delegation, Departmentalization, Knowledge Management, Management by Change, Stress & Conflict Management with their principles and practical examples
  • Know what are the models of organizational behavior as well as organizational design, time management, the law of effect and OB modification, lay-off, downsizing, and retirement concepts

  • Comprehensive coverage of HRM, Human Resource Planning or HRP, Human Resource Development HRD, KRA, and Performance Appraisal, and its methods
  • Learn and master compensation management, career planning, ethics, morals, principles of corporate governance, objectives, and functions of business
  • Understand how to do entrepreneurship and delve into different personality theories & personality traits in organizational behavior
  • Master the pro-level concepts of learning & intelligence, thinking styles, attitude functions, types of groups and teams as well as lessons on power & politics, motivation, window dressing, attrition, culture shock, and employability skills

  • Learn how to manage human capital, and channel job rotation as well as master the key lessons on the glass ceiling, job rotation, nepotism, Kaizen, Kanban, centralization, lean manufacturing, whistleblowing, and intrinsic motivation
  • Know Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, anger management, emotional intelligence. emotional labor, reverse psychology, attribution theory, burnout, hot desking, Gibbs Reflective Cycle, brainstorming, and Pareto Principle
  • Master key management concepts associated with Gibbs Reflective Cycle, Succession Planning or Replacement Planning, Thinking Styles, Victim Mentality, ABC Analysis, Change Management, Classical Conditioning, Disintermediation, and Delphi Technique
  • Understand what is ERG theory, ethnocentrism, exit strategy explained, experiential learning, foot in the door technique, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z

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