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Marketing Course

(In-Depth) Marketing Course

A Mega Marketing Course with 180+ Videos which helps you learn Marketing Management from scratch

$18 for all Courses
Management Course

(In-Depth) Management Course

With 150+ Videos, Our Mega Management Course is designed to help you learn management skills

$18 for all Courses
Branding Course

Branding Course

Learn how to build a brand from the ground up and optimize its market presence

$18 for all Courses
Strategy Course

Strategy Course

In-Depth Marketing Strategy course with focus on Various Models of Strategy and Decision making based on Strategy.

$18 for all Courses

Advertising Course

Learn Advertising from scratch including different forms of advertising & elements of ads

$18 for all Courses
Sales Course

Sales Course

Learn Sales and selling from scratch including the process, skills, organizational and personal selling

$18 for all Courses
Leadership Course

Leadership Courses

Learn Leadership from scratch including all the different leadership styles, Leadership skills you should adapt and examples of Great leaders.

$18 for all Courses
Communication Course

Communication Course

Communication is essential to any Organization. This course teaches you all the basics of communication, its types & models

$18 for all Courses
Economics Course

Economics Course

Learn Economics with 47 in depth videos explaining all major concepts of Economics with Examples.

$ 18 for All Courses
WordPress Masterclass

Building a Website with WordPress

Learn to build a beautiful WordPress site step-by-step in this complete and In-Depth WordPress Masterclass.


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    • In-depth Marketing Course
    • In-depth Management Course
    • Branding
    • Advertising
    • Strategy
    • Sales Management
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Economics
  • Digital Marketing Courses (Launching Soon)
    • WordPress Masterclass (May 2022)
    • Building an Ecommerce Site with WooCommerce / Shopify (June 2022)
    • Search Engine Optimization (July 2022)
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Can I check your videos before Signing up?

Of Course. You just need to sign up with a free account. And you will have access to Module 1 of most courses. We encourage you to sign up for free so that you can check our high quality videos and know where you are investing money in.

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Yes. This is one of our most popular faq ???? We always offer discounts to students. All you have to do is email us at & we will give you a discount.

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Yes, we will be giving a 30 day Refund policy. No questions asked. You can cancel anytime in 30 days from purchase. However, after the 30 days there cannot be any refund as the window is closed from payment gateways.

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