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Learn what they teach in an MBA in Marketing or in Digital Marketing Classes and become a Holistic Marketer – A true Marketing Champion

For Students

Subject Specific Certifications available for our Large Portfolio of Courses – In Courses on Marketing Management as well as Digital Marketing. We have college professors on board preparing the syllabus for our courses.

For Professionals

Detailed Courses that upgrade your Marketing skills, making you more knowledgeable, efficient, and adaptable to Dynamic and ever-changing corporate environments.

For Businesses

Our courses cover advanced Strategies and Case studies which you can apply to your Business and walk away with increased profits. These are the same strategies we use in our offline businesses.


Skill Building Marketing Topics

Below are all our planned Courses in Phase 1 with their Launch Dates upto March 2022.

$18 for all Courses
Marketing Course

(In-Depth) Marketing Course

A Mega Marketing Course with 180+ Videos which helps you learn Marketing Management from scratch

$18 for all Courses
Management Course

(In-Depth) Management Course

With 150+ Videos, Our Mega Management Course is designed to help you learn management skills

$18 for all Courses
Branding Course

Branding Course

Learn how to build a brand from the ground up and optimize its market presence

$18 for all Courses
Strategy Course

Strategy Course

In-Depth Marketing Strategy course with focus on Various Models of Strategy and Decision making based on Strategy.

$18 for all Courses

Advertising Course

Learn Advertising from scratch including different forms of advertising & elements of ads

$18 for all Courses
Sales Course

Sales Course

Learn Sales and selling from scratch including the process, skills, organizational and personal selling

$18 for all Courses
Leadership Course

Leadership Courses

Learn Leadership from scratch including all the different leadership styles, Leadership skills you should adapt and examples of Great leaders.

$18 for all Courses
Communication Course

Communication Course

Communication is essential to any Organization. This course teaches you all the basics of communication, its types & models

$18 for all Courses
Economics Course

Economics Course

Learn Economics with 47 in depth videos explaining all major concepts of Economics with Examples.

$ 18 for All Courses
WordPress Masterclass

Building a Website with WordPress

Learn to build a beautiful WordPress site step-by-step in this complete and In-Depth WordPress Masterclass.

Sample video

(What is marketing & What is Marketed?)


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We have been Marketers and Business owners since 2010 and with Digiaide, we share all our knowledge on a single platform.
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Lifetime Access to all Courses for one single Price.

Full access to all Courses for Lifetime. All our courses are bundled in a single price.

  • Full Lifetime Access to All Videos and all courses
  • Premium Community Forum
  • Question and Answer support
  • Quiz’s with Progression tracking
  • Templates with all our experience poured in
  • Filled with Case studies and Examples
  • Lifetime Access
  • Launched Marketing Courses included
    • In-depth Marketing Course
    • In-depth Management Course
    • Branding
    • Advertising
    • Strategy
    • Sales Management
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Economics
  • Digital Marketing Courses (Launching Soon)
    • WordPress Masterclass (May 2022)
    • Building an Ecommerce Site with WooCommerce / Shopify (June 2022)
    • Search Engine Optimization (July 2022)
  • All Future Courses and content is included in this membership
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Every year we serve millions of views to aspiring and professional marketers worldwide with the best marketing resources.

Our Mission: Help Marketers become Masters of their trade


Premium Membership included for Full Bundle Students

Closed Community

The Community is only accessible to the Full bundle Subscribers.

Growth Focused

Working on a Project or stuck in places? The forum can help.

Like-Minded People

Business Owners and Marketing Enthusiasts – all in one place.


Certification on Course Completion

This is a Certification course and the below Certificate of Achievement will be awarded on completion of the course


Marketers by Heart

We have been in the Business Industry for more than a Decade, stumbling, falling, and getting up again. We now have enough experience and campfire tales to share with you.


Experience in Marketing

10 Years plus of running blogs, doing SEO, teaching in colleges, selling on Amazon, and doing PPC.


Monthly Page Views

Our Websites drive more than 1.5 Million page views in total targeted towards Marketing and Business Professionals.


Experience of Teaching

Our tutors have more than a decade of experience in teaching in A grade colleges & they handle the masters in Marketing courses for you.


Units sold via Ecommerce

We have been in E-commerce with our own sites as well as on Marketplaces and have had phenomenal success.


Keywords Ranking No 1 on Google

From the various sites that we own, we have more than 2000+ keywords ranking number 1 on Google. Which says volumes on the methods and processes we use.


Followers on Social Media

Free Courses is our Flagship brand and has more than 50k+ social media followers and we plan to have even more on the Marketing certificate. Give us some time ????

Why learn with Digiaide Courses?

We combine classroom teaching with real-world examples and case studies. All of our extensive research has been poured into our courses, making you better students, professionals or businessmen, and women.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Our Backend runs on WordPress infrastructure and we will also launch a Mobile App and you can learn anywhere and anytime as long as you have internet.

Lifetime Free Access

All the courses we launch will have free Lifetime Access and you need not even register to gain access to these courses.

Experienced Tutors

Our tutors have more than a decade of experience of teaching in Marketing colleges or Building Marketing websites.

Quiz’s and Assessment

We not only provide learning material but will also quiz and assess your knowledge from time to time which is the best measure of your progress.

Course progress

If you register, your course progress will be tracked and you can move forward at your own pace and learn in your own free time.

Membership Forum

Once you register, you will get free access to our membership forum, where learners can help each other progress by asking questions or answering them.

Transform yourself with the industry’s best Business and Marketing courses

All of the courses have been created from the ground up to match our user’s expectations and requirements.

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Where Should You Start?

Whichever Phase of Life you are in, our courses will help you propel forward and boost your skills and capabilities.

If you’re a student…

Students will become Business Champions & benefit most we help you in getting certifications, score in exams and help your Professional Development.

If you’re a professional…

Professionals can sharpen their skills and become more adept in their profession. Use the knowledge from our school to climb the Corporate ladder and reach new heights.

If you’re a business owner…

Pick all ideas, tactics and strategies from our courses to expand your business & boost your revenue. You could also train your employees with these courses.


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Make the Best of our Early Bird Pricing where we give you access to all launched courses and all future courses (Including marketing and Digital Marketing) for one simple, transparent pricing.

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$18 / 1400

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Full access to all Marketing & Digital Marketing Courses for Lifetime. This includes access to all courses, our Premium community forum, quiz’s, templates and any future content that we launch. You will pay us only once.

  • Full Access to All Videos and all courses
  • Includes all courses of Marketing & Digital Marketing
  • Premium Community Forum
  • Question and Answer support
  • Updates on Course and Lesson Additions
  • Quiz’s with Progression tracking
  • Templates with all our experience poured in
  • Filled with Case studies and Examples
  • Lifetime Access
  • Marketing Courses included
    • Masters in Marketing Management
    • Branding
    • Advertising
    • Strategy
    • Sales Management
    • Leadership
    • Communication
  • Digital Marketing Courses (More Launching Soon)
    • WordPress Masterclass (Feb 2022)
    • Building an Ecommerce Site with Woocommerce / Shopify (March 2022)
    • Search Engine Optimization (April 2022)
  • All Future Courses and Content is included in this membership


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Yes. This is one of our most popular faq ???? We always offer discounts to students. All you have to do is email us at support@digiaide.com & we will give you a discount.

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Yes, we will be giving a 30 day Refund policy. No questions asked. You can cancel anytime in 30 days from purchase. However, after the 30 days there cannot be any refund as the window is closed from payment gateways.

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